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In the heart of Skopje’s historic Old Bazaar, a beacon of elegance and artistry has been illuminating the jewelry world since 1982. Founded by the visionary Lalip Bushi and Brothers Bushi, B Elite has emerged as a name synonymous with unparalleled craftsmanship, timeless beauty, and a commitment to excellence. This is the story of a remarkable journey from humble beginnings to becoming a cherished jeweler in Skopje and beyond.

In the early 1982s, against the backdrop of Skopje’s Old Bazaar, Lalip Bushi envisioned a haven for lovers of exquisite jewelry. With a passion for artistry and a dedication to preserving the elegance of traditional craftsmanship, he laid the foundation for B Elite. His vision was simple yet profound: to create jewelry that would not only adorn bodies but also tell stories, capture moments, and ignite emotions.


Lazar Tanev 42, Skopje 1000 North Macedonia 

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